A place to start

World without end, amen. I used to think that I was born too late.  I longed for the 60s and the movements and the feeling that I could be part of something beyond myself that would change the world. My parents are old hippies who never really gave up on the vision that they could live a little bit differently than their parents had.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

Maybe it’s growing up; maybe it was realizing that world is still in need of perfecting, that I can devote my life to trying to make it better.  With God, every life is a chance to make the world new, to try to get it right.  With zie, (so I use gender-neutral pronouns for God, did zie not create men and women and everyone else in zie’s own image?) we live with the promise and reality of eternity.  That means that nothing ever really ends, and we still have the chance (and the duty) to make things as right as we can.  We still have the chance to create the best world that we can for ourselves and those we love and those we hate.

We have the beautiful, wonderful, indescribably good chance to love.  To love not just ourselves and our friends and those we choose to make family, but to love those who need it, even if they don’t love us back.  For me, the way to return the love that God has given me is to try to give it out to as many people in as many ways as I can.  I don’t mean that there’s not lots of people that I don’t like, don’t understand, and agree with.  I mean that I try to do what I can with what I’ve been given.  To say yes to opportunities to give a little more.

And it’s hard. It’s so hard.

But I believe this is what God calls us to do.  I truly, deeply, with my whole heart believe that our God loves us.  Sin is choosing to rebuke that love and do things that hurt others.  I believe in a God that I want to please because I love zie as zie loves me.  I’m not afraid of Hell or damnation for breaking rules.  I’d be afraid of not starting fires.

A place to start